Your Cyber Legacy: 3 Tips for Your Digital Assets

There is an entire category of assets which, too often, are overlooked when planning your legacy – digital assets.  Perhaps you didn’t even consider these items to be “assets” when you set up your own will or trust.  If so, there is no need to worry as they are somewhat straightforward to address. The first [...]

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Revocable Living Trusts Do Not Necessarily Protect Your Assets

A common myth is that you can protect your assets from creditors and legal judgments by putting everything into a revocable living trust. It is more complicated than that. Wealthy people are justifiably concerned with shielding their assets from creditors and liability lawsuits. When you have worked hard to obtain wealth, you do not want [...]

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Getting a Good Estate Plan

If you want to take care of your family after you pass away, then it is important to get a good estate plan. If you are like most people, then you put a lot of time and energy into building up your assets and taking care of your family. Short of winning the lottery, it [...]

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Guardianships and Conservatorships: What is the Difference?

The terms guardian and conservator are often used interchangeably. They do, however, have different meanings traditionally. It might seem to some people that the law loves nothing more than to be confusing to laypersons. In some states, a guardian is needed to take care of an elderly person who can no longer take care of [...]

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Changes to Medicare Drug Payments to Doctors Coming

Every year Medicare pays approximately $20 billion to doctors to administer prescription medications. New rules seek to lower that amount. Currently, when a doctor administers a prescription medication to a patient in a doctor's office or a hospital outpatient facility, Medicare Part B reimburses the doctor for the cost of the drug plus an extra [...]

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Planning for Your Furry Friends

Most pet owners want to make sure their pets are taken care of after the owner passes away. Many have informal plans about how that should be done, but it is much better to make those plans official. It is very common to for pet owners to arrange for a friend or family member to [...]

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Post Death Stock Transfers

If you own stock, then it is important to make sure that it is appropriately transferred after you pass away. Fortunately, the process can be fairly simple. Like any other form of property, stocks have their own transfer rules. What happens to them after the owner passes away is determined by those rules. In the [...]

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Study Finds Inflated Medicare Charges

A new study by UCLA found that charges to Medicare were significantly inflated and that payment patterns are problematic. Health care providers can charge Medicare whatever they want to charge. That does not mean Medicare will pay the charges as Medicare will only pay a set amount for each procedure. Despite Medicare's policy, a study [...]

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Baby Boomers Have Mixed Feelings about Leaving Inheritances

A recent study suggests that wealthy baby boomers are split about whether to leave their children with inheritances. It also shows that those who do not want to do so are not necessarily being selfish. A recent study by Hearts & Wallets found that Baby Boomer parents are split about whether they should leave inheritances [...]

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