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About Andrew Morrison

Arizona Estate Planning Attorney

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Andrew Morrison
Associate Attorney


Devastation hit Andrew early in life as he watched his elderly grandmother battle illness for several years. After her health gradually declined, she eventually passed. Andrew’s grieving family was not prepared for what was about to ensue; countless disputes quickly surfaced between his father, aunt and uncles over anything and everything—sentimental heirlooms, the reimbursement of medical expenses (which, for years, had been improperly “advanced” by various family members), and even worthless items. Andrew’s grandmother left behind many items and assets but no guidance as to who should receive them.

When the dust settled, it was clear the probate process had exacerbated pent-up emotions between the siblings. Andrew’s grandmother’s failure to establish an estate plan elicited unnecessary bitterness that ultimately caused irreparable damage within the family. Losing a loved one is difficult enough; preparing for the legal ramifications of declining health and death is the wisest and most responsible decision one will make.

Through these unfortunate experiences, Andrew grew passionate about helping families find customized solutions for their difficult situations. His favorite part of his practice is spending time with clients while intently listening to their wishes and deciphering their “legacy goals.” An integral member of the firm, Andrew values being part of a dynamic team offering the care and accessibility of a small law office while maintaining cutting edge legal knowledge and techniques.

Professional Accolades

Andrew has been admitted to practice in Arizona.

Andrew has earned a juris doctor from Arizona State University College of Law and a bachelor’s in Finance from the University of Texas-Austin. He is an active member of the Probate and Trust section of the State Bar of Arizona, the East Valley Estate Planning Council, and the Christian Legal Society. Andrew also serves as a Committee Member for YoungLife of Central Phoenix.