Everyone has an Estate Plan

The problem? This government-designed estate plan might not protect your loved ones. The good news? You may exercise your freedom to make choices about you, your family, and your assets. Alternatively, you may accept the choices the state legislature and appointed judges have or will make for you, without consideration of your uniqueness, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

At David J. Harowitz, P.C., we are dedicated to serving you as you uphold your freedom to choose an estate plan that meets your goals. Our expertise can help you avoid the emotional strain, unnecessary costs, and time delays of the government’s estate plan that, in all likelihood, will not carry out your desires.

We are the right law office for you if you agree with us that you deserve:

  • a quality law practice dedicated to providing solutions for clients like you;
  • practical advice customized to your unique circumstances;
  • excellent documents that carry out your intentions;
  • the individual care of a small law office with “big firm” expertise;
  • to be treated with warmth, care, and respect in a friendly environment; and
  • to receive great value for your investment in protecting your loved ones.

We genuinely look forward to getting to know you and your estate planning needs and desires. Based on our past experiences, we not only believe you will choose to become a client, but afterwards you will be so pleased you will refer your family, friends, and associates to us for their estate planning needs. Call us today at (480)456-1144 to schedule your no-obligation consultation!

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